How many variables can I add?

I need to add 6 variables but seems to be stuck on 3, is there anyway to expand that to more?

I believe that 3 is the limit. Of course, you can do a lot by splitting the process to work with three variables at any one time (prompt) and have a multi-step process to be able to work with more.

If you can share more specifics the community may be able to help further with more precisely applicable advice.


I keep bumping up against the limit of three variables.
Is there a practical reason for this limitation? One or two more could make all the difference in the world.
I’ve worked around this some by using natural language, but to save words and allow for more dropdown lists, I’d love to have the capability.


You can have more than 3 variables but in the dropdown list, in one placeholder.
(user choose from predefined variables)

Yes, because each VARIALBE need to be filled in the prompt input, so we don’t want to end up in 10 VARIABLES and your whole screen are input fields (or dropdown lists) you need to fill. :smile:

May be 4 VARIABLES would be available in the future, if that’s the bottleneck, as the UI is not affected with that additional one.

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Hello @ART, one trick for seeming to have more variables is to include the information within one of the three variables we are allowed. Yet ensure the data is distinct.

For an article summarizer of mine that includes attribution, I have the article title and URL asked for within the same variable.

[VARIABLE1:Article Title, URL:About Michael,]

Then I call forth what is wanted in my prompt.

Credit the article title ([VARIABLE1]) and authors ([VARIABLE2]) near the social media summary start.

Reference the article URL ([VARIABLE1]) near the social media summary end.

Good luck!

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Also, folks here might find drop-down variables helpful.

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We will soon allow up to 6 VARIABLES in an AIPRM Prompt.