It is LIVE: Multiple Variables per Prompt

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That’s going to be a huge upgrade. Get all the coders in your team a Friday beer if they drink, and an alcohol free one if they don’t. :slight_smile:

Actually, let me extend that.

As well as a sincere thanks to all the team at AIPRM that contribute to the features, the customer support, fire-fighting the crisis when OpenAI stops working, and the incredibly fast updates whenever the need is suddenly sprung upon you by an unanounced change in ChatGPT, there’s another group that deserve some thanks, and I’m not going to miss them out.

Thank you to all the supporters, all the (thousands) of users who saw the value in AIPRM and didn’t hesitate to upgrade to a Premium Plan. It is that kind of support that make the continued improvement of AIPRM possible. Your subscriptions are what allows AIPRM to invest further, and to continue to deliver more and more. Give yourselves a well-deserved beer too.


There should be a multiple prompt hints then ? if there’s multiple prompts

Here’s the first training video on Variables in AIPRM Prompts

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Very smart example given :wink:

Is it possible to have [VARIABLE(N):Hint] for the variable position and hint at once, without each one alone ?

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I don’t understand - please rephrase your question



Instead of writing in the prompt [VARIABLE1] and then declaring in another line [VARIABLE1:Var1_Hint].

Can it be that we just write [VARIABLE1:Var1_Hint] that declares the location of the VARIABLE1 and its hint in that statement, without the need to write [VARIABLE1] alone in another line ?

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Thanks Moe,

now I understand.

we have a lot more things coming in this feature :slight_smile:

Thanks for the video and awesome new feature :slight_smile:

Do you need AIPRM-lang extension to write these variables? I am using:

[VARIABLE1]: Main Feature to Consider
[VARIABLE2]: Second Feature to Consider
[VARIABLE3]: Third Feature to Consider

In my prompt, but I still only see one input option:

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Can you revise your syntax please ?

You must have 2 declarations:

  • [VARIABLE1:Main Feature to Consider]

Hi, when is this going to be available?

You’re amazing. Thank you @RealityMoez :slight_smile:

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Hi Chris & team!
You mention AIPRM-lang in the video - how and where do I find it or access it?

Further question, which might be obvious, but I’m a newbie to this :wink: - Once I have written the prompt using AIPRM-lang, then how do I integrate it into the prompt template and test it? Thanks for a really useful tool!

Hi Andrew. You can find information about AIPRM-lang here: AIPRM Prompt Template Language for VS CODE

You can use AIPRM-lang extension for VSCode to write prompt with syntax highlighting and once you have it ready, you just need to copy prompt text to AIPRM extension as new/edited prompt template.


How many Variables can I use per prompt?

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You can have up to 3 variables…

  • 3 variables for all
  • 3 prompt variable dropdown values for free users
  • 100 prompt variable dropdown values for linked and Plus or higher plan

We will soon allow up to 6 VARIABLES in an AIPRM Prompt.