How Quality Control for Prompt Templates works in AIPRM

This is an overview of the Quality Control happening in AIPRM,
and the ways we accept and process feedback.

In general:

1/ How to Down-Vote a Prompt Template in AIPRM

If you don’t like a Prompt, but have no time to explain the reason, you can just down-vote it.


Both up- and down-votes are processed automatically, and are filtered for all those blatant spam attempts we we receive every hour (we deleted 100,000s of spam votes already).

After a certain threshold of down-votes (that we do not publish) the Prompt Template will be hidden completely.

2/ How to Flag a Prompt in AIPRM


This leads you to a selection of what you think is wrong with the prompt.

If you e.g. select “not working as expected” you get to this screen where you can explain what you entered, tried, expected from the Prompt.

3/ How Duplication of Prompt Templates is handled in AIPRM

We have rolled out a system to detect near duplicates, and assign the canonical prompts automatically.

This means, the “winning” prompt template will be shown to users, and the (near) duplicates will be supressed and also give all their votes to the “winning” prompt.

This is a complex system, similar to the ones Google uses, and is not in full effect yet, but currently in learning & testing & observation phase.

4/ Hiding Prompts in AIPRM

A premium feature is to “Hide Prompts immediately”. With this you can get prompt templates you don’t like out of your way immediately.

5/ Prompt Template Guideline Review

All Public Prompt Templates must follow the AIPRM Prompt Template Guidelines and if we find a violation, we may delete or surpress your prompt.

Only AIPRM Verified Prompts are investigated and supported by AIPRM, for all other Prompt Templates the respective author is responsible.

What about Social Media and Email?

If you have checked and used all these methods for reporting a Prompt Template and still feel the need to use additional channels like Tweeting or Emailing about it, then please be aware, that

  • we do process such random reports manually and at lowest priority
  • we (and the Prompt Author) needs a link to the Prompt Template, your input, the output, the expected output and other details to process your feedback