How to bypass AI Content Detection while writing a Blog Using ChatGPT

So, when we write a blog using ChatGPT the content generated is completely AI based. When we check the produced content on AI Content Detection tools like it shows that the content is AI generated. How do ask ChatGPT to write human like content which can by pass the AI detection tool?

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Someone ran the US Constitution through OpenAI’s own AI detector. The detector swore it was AI generated with a certainty above 92%.

All AI detectors are junk, toys, novelty items. They repeatedly say that 100% human written content was AI generated. They are utterly and completely worthless.

Not only that, but even if they did work, so what? Google don’t care how content was generated, they care whether or not it is useful, and offers enough unique value to be worth indexing and whether it will provide a good experience for their own users. And those Google search results are generated automatically, with the assistance of a whole bunch of AIs and algorithms.

The only people who care about AI detectors are usually people who want to check that a writer isn’t charging them for writing what an AI actually produced. But we already discussed that how it was produced isn’t what people care about, nor Google. What matters is whether or not it has unique insights, rather than is just a rehash of the same stuff found on a hundred thousand other pages (whether those rehashes were done by AI, or by humans).

The output of an AI is entirely dependent upon the quality and insight provided within the prompts. If the prompt gives the AI unique human experience and insights to work from, or gets the AI to cleverly put together data and insights nobody has before, why is that not something to reward?


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Indeed, when I saw this question, I thought how does this AI content detector work? Can’t someone else write this kind of content? Later, by adding the writing styles of various writers to AI, will it also judge that this is a work created by AI? This seems to be a kind of discrimination against AI, which comes from the inexplicable sense of nobility of human beings. :thinking:

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