How to use aiprm without using my google account data

how to use aiprm without using my google account data. I managed to register on the forum, but I can’t use the chat.

You cannot.

A Google Account is required.

So I have to share my google data. And from what I’ve seen in the topics, AIPRm is not responsible for anything. If they invade my account, if they take my Google data. And they want access to my goole account? Strange that. Is it just me who thinks it’s weird? Thousands of hits, thousands of users and no one thinks it’s weird? I don’t want to share my data. At most I can inform my e-mail, I do not want them to have access to my data, which is what the first screen informs when accepting the use of AIPRM. Thanks, I’ll stick with the simplest but safest little things for now. Por exemplo estou usando o fórum, só com o meu e-mail, porque não posso usar os dados do fórum, para usar o AIprm?


And we have explained that well in many places, e.g. here

we ask for your name, email, birth date
(just to make sure you’re old enough to use the app), and a URL of your profile picture (if you have one).

And don’t worry; we take your privacy and security seriously!

We do NOT have access to your Gmail, Your Google Drive or any other services like Google Sheets or Google Search Console.

That’s it. You find all that in the legal terms, but who reads the terms? The loudest complainers here that try to scare users like you, certainly did not read them, as was just shown today.

If this still scares you, or you believe some weird anonymous troll user posts more,
then don’t use AIPRM.