How To View All The Public Prompts?

Can you tell me how to access all the public prompt templates? If this is a paid option only that’s fine just need to know what package has it.


Access to all the public prompts is available in the free plan of AIPRM, and to all other levels.

Any public prompts that need specific extras, should say so, but be aware of that possibility so you are looking and don’t overlook that requirement. For example, if a prompt says it needs GPT4 then you’ll need to have ChatGPT Plus subscription with OpenAI to have access to that more advanced LLM I believe.

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Thanks for the info Ammon. Is there a link to the prompts or could you tell me where to find them. And thanks again for helping.

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They are in the Public tab in the standard New Chat page of ChatGPT, If you have AIPRM extension installed.

and another one here.

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I’m sorry I meant prompt source, to see how the prompt was written. Like when viewing this page at the bottom. Prompt "Human Written |100% Unique |SEO Optimized Article" by "Jumma" - AIPRM for ChatGPT

I wanted to see the prompt written out and not auto filled.

For a convenient/faster way:

Need to be subscribed to AIPRM Elite/Titan.

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