How to write and share your own Prompts in AIPRM

Please watch this video to learn all essential steps

Before you share a prompt to public ensure it follows the Prompt Guidelines


I could not find a complete list of prompt items anywhere, so I will ask here.

[PROMPT] and [TARGETLANGUAGE] is fine, but what if I want to include tone and writing style in my prompt to ensure ChatGTP understand what style and tone to use in the article it writes?

Is it as simple as [TONE] and [WRITINGSTYLE]?


I would like to take advantage of my paid membership and use some prompt templates but I can’t seem to find any documentation on how to create them. Just like the post above mine @bjorn is looking for the same thing. @aiprm-christophc can you point us in the right direction.



I would also like some more training. The video at the top of this post is ok, but I would like a few more examples if possible and cover the new variables update.
Many Thanks


Five days of passed since the original post two days since my post and still no answer that doesn’t look good. I’m just gonna cancel my subscription appreciate all your efforts.

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Your question wasn’t very clear. You prefaced it all by saying that you wanted to

but using prompts is free, and writing prompts is free, so a reader has to assume you have some other need from the way you phrased this.

in a thread where the first post contains that documentation and a video? If there’s something you don’t understand in the documentation, then ask the specific questions, or otherwise say what you need, just as @ALCasey did above.

Simply put, nobody can know where you are stuck, or why you are stuck there. There’s an entire “How do I…” category to the forums, and I can’t see you asking a single question there that lets anyone know what you are trying to attain, how you’ve gone about it, and where/why it didn’t work as expected.

For all any of us know, you might be stuck at not knowing how to type a question or prompt into ChatGPT, despite it being as simple as talking with a person over a messenger app.

So instead of asking all 3 of us where we’re having issues, just ignore everyone. Is that the procedure? Just curious
thank you

I’ve already cancelled my subscription and found another solution thanks!


So you got a reply in addition to the already posted documentation that you asked for in the thread that publicized that documentation. You were asked for any particulars of what you were stuck on (which you failed to answer). And in your world this is ‘ignoring’? I can see that your leaving is a tremendous loss to this community.

Not sure what that person’s problem was TBH.

The doc AND video is right up there in the topic,
and online since 3+ months…


I would have just written “scroll up and RTFM.”

But didn’t because you have a tough but fair moderator, right? :smiley:

Incidentally, RTFM was always my favourite of all Internet abbreviations. Right from the start.

This is a bs. Half this forum is @Ammon belittling other members.

And when someone stands up for themselves. He gaslights more, And the “community” amplifies him.

Pretending to not know what they are talking about and trying ti make them feel dumb is toxic.

This is offensive :v:t3:

you are bully. Not a leader.

Welcome to the AIPRM Community John.

Half this forum is also people who don’t take 5 minutes to read into a thread.
(or even doing a text search, or asking the GPT trained bot)

Have you done that, and read thru the bizarre story of that anoymous Southbay guy in this topic?

I cannot fix the “People don’t read” problem, but we’ll also not let them post their wrong ideas or assumptions without correcting them.

In addition @Ammon has my full support and was asked specifically to help me and AIPRM get rid of all these trolls. He’s doing all that pro-bono, what I couldn’t do it myself, let alone for free.

It doesn’t sound like you enjoy being here, so why post at all?

You’re free to leave, also without attacking our trusted team members.


I never gaslight. In fact one of the things most often said about me is that I am bluntly, sometimes painfully, honest. From using my real name onwards, “John D_ough”, I am always earnest, forthright, and speak as much truth as tolerable in all my dealings. There are testimonials aplenty stating as much, and often pointing out that I’m a BS-free zone, in a career where most think BS is the norm.

Honest enough that I can call out the wonderment at why you particularly chose this particular thread to dig up and resurrect. It certainly isn’t that you just happened to land here from a search engine, because you stated that you are aware of 'half the forum’s contents. So you dug and dug to find a thread more than a month old, of a long-settled argument… Yeah, that all seems completely legit and earnest. No ulterior motives there at all…

I do post quite an amount here. I tend to post quite a bit in any forum or community group I’m part of. After all, that’s how conversation happens. And, as the very post you chose to specifically reply to shows, even then, I get specifically called out to answer certain questions and posts too.

In fact, you name-dropped me yourself just to troll for a response, ‘John’.

Taking these things together, I’m getting the distinct feeling that you may not be the brightest light in the harbour, ‘John’, but that’s on you. My late father taught me a great many little gems and pearls of wisdom. One of them was “It is better to be silent, and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt”. Might be one worth learning yourself.


One can learn a lot from Mr. @Ammon just from reading his posts without having the same issue he helps to resolve, because he not only gives a walkthrough on how to fix a problem / enlighten some knowledge, but also gives very valuable advices in the same post to help overcome having any possible future problems, that many are suffering from…

One of them is people don’t have the patience to read/understand, and dive-deep into a conversation or a thread to even know what’s the problem…
Then, If people are not willing to have commitment for solving their own problems, Why would we?

But you guys usually get offended by the formal way he’s speaking with, because sometimes
truth is painful.
(Just like, some may feel offended by me typing this)


Like I said- Your honesty and straightforwardness are qualities that many people respect and appreciate.

I just happen to believe it’s important to foster conversations in a constructive manner.

Have a great life

Where did you say that?

I just happen to believe it’s important to foster conversations in a constructive manner.

Yeah, but that’s a whole different thing than what you dumped above


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Hi, i made a prompt but i made so many mistakes after i watch this video my concept is clear now and i think i prompt is the best. Thank you so much for this video training @aiprm-christophc

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Wow that’s cool, share with us please

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