How to write article looks like human written using chat gpt?

Hi, I am looking to write some article for our newspaper advertising business. Our main ad category is Book Public Notice Ad in Newspaper fo the same we want to write a few articles. But it should look like human writing. How we can get the help of chat up for the same?

The whole and entire point of ChatGPT (and similar) is to create a machine that can emulate human behaviours. It is designed from the very foundation to look/read/feel like human writing. You don’t need to ‘do’ anything except give it good prompts.

However, you are asking the wrong questions. Humans write a lot of things that are not very interesting. Whether a piece of writing is engaging, worth reading, worth sharing, worth indexing in a search engine, isn’t about whether it was written by an AI or by a human. Both can produce garbage far more easily than gold.

AI is now a tool readily available to everyone. That means that AI levels of content can be produced by anyone and everyone easily. Not just by your competitors, but the people who may have been interested in reading can ask their copy of the AI to write whatever they want to read, without any need for visiting your site, or even asking Google.

The question then is not about how you get an AI to write like a human, it is how you offer enough value that people can’t get the AI to write it themselves.

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