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I used AIPRM for my writting post. But it usually stop in the middle of the post. For example, I would like the post of 500 words but it often stop at 250 words. Is there any solution to handle this?

Hello part of this is due to prompt really bad, if you take a look at all these prompt they are beautiful in effect but really far from being optimized we are limited to 4000token prompt+answer and this make that extremely long prompt take the place of the generated text.

You can simply write ‘continue’ and it will continue the generation.

another thing to take in mind concerning this that’s a free account and resources are shared between all users so sometime the time to compute the answer is too long and it pass to another client.

I have an idea will propose it on the forum.
Have a great day

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If the writing stops automatically, just type ‘continue’ to continue writing.

or just click Prebuild “Continue” button


Please how do I see the exact text for this prompt? I have been using this prompt and will like to see the text that makes up the prompt.

It stops halfway because it is insulted that you said a human wrote it while it is doing all the work. :rofl:

Hi, I have been utilizing ChatGPT for approximately two months to augment the quality of the content I generate. However, I am encountering certain predicaments. Over time, it has begun utilizing identical pre-constructed sentence structures, unmasking its artificial intelligence authorship. It is my preference that the human-generated quality of my content remains unaltered and enriched. I am seeking advice from seasoned users on potential resolutions to this matter. Thank you.

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Hello, one way out is to command ChatGPT to write the outline for the topic… then command to write each of the section one after the other. As such, you will have a blog or article that will be longer than usual

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The prompt doesnt write in Spanish, even I select Spanish on the lenguage tap

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I apologize for the confusion earlier. The prompt was not originally written in Spanish, but I have now fixed it so that you can select any language you prefer and the prompt will be generated in that language. Please feel free to select your preferred language and continue with your task. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know.

I am also using Chatgpt to create an outline first and then asking chatgpt to write each heading and subheading. But the content is showing as 100% AI in I am wondering if I should use that content as I dont know in the long term if Google will penalise this content or no? It will end up being a waste of time and effort. What is your suggestion? Ultimately we want our content to rank and get traffic

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check it again now. i just update the prompt

Sure, I understand your concern. It is not advisable to simply copy and paste the content generated by ChatGPT without any modifications. While the content may be original, it can still be flagged as duplicate by search engines and may not rank well.

One solution is to use a paraphrasing tool like Quilbot, Jasper, or Anyword to rephrase the content generated by ChatGPT. This will help to make the content unique and show that it was written by a human, rather than just generated by AI.

Working now, thanks!

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Just to feedback, this update its perfect, the way as the “continue writing” works now it’s perfect


I have a question, why the prompt makes different structures? Now for example doesn’t write the outline with the article content. But in the previous one it does @jumma

Yes, it is normal for ChatGPT to create different structures for articles. The neural network behind ChatGPT is capable of generating text in a variety of styles and structures, which can result in different outputs for similar prompts.

Yes I am now planning to do that and see the output. Thanks for the suggestions

And it’s possible to say “use this structure for all this articles”? Or something similar to that structure?

texts created with this Promt do not pass the check Content Detector
I have a promt that works
Who can create it or tell me how to insert it into a plugin

I'm going to give you some information before asking you to write an article. Do you understand?

When it comes to writing content, two factors are crucial, "perplexity" and "burstiness." Perplexity measures the complexity of text. Separately, burstiness compares the variations of sentences. Humans tend to write with greater burstiness, for example, with some longer or complex sentences alongside shorter ones. AI sentences tend to be more uniform. Therefore, when writing the following content I am going to ask you to create, I need it to have a good amount of perplexity and burstiness. Do you understand?

using the concepts written previously, rewrite this article with a high degree of perplexity and burstiness:


Are you prompting chaGPT manually for each heading and subheading or your entire prompt instructs chatGPT to generate content for each heading and subheading from the provided outline from the previous step?

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