I created a Prompt - "Resume a book"

Hello! I’m so glad to be part of this community. I am also VERY new here and I’d like to share a prompt I created called “Resume a Book” by Paula Pc.
I came up with that prompt because I was actually looking for one like that, since my “list of books to read” is endless.
On that list there are novels, based on true stories books, personal growht, habits… like SO MANY.
So I was thinking that I could choose where to start from having the book resumed, since some of them might be good to just have the highlights and others to see if there are worth before reading completely.
I don’t know if that’s very good to be said, but I also remember in school I loved Harry Potter and could read the fully book in 2 days, but in school they wanted me to read very boring stories that even nowadays I regret doing. Bad stories, bad memories, worthless time.
I’d love that kids could choose their own books, but since they are still forced to read what they don’t enjoy (what means in a long term, not liking to read at all), they could have a unique resume for the class.
I hope you can try it and so I can get feedback of my first try. Looking forward to continue learning all about prompts and everything coming.

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What does your prompt do?

resumes a book. You write the book and the author and it tells about it

Hi Paula,

please check the guidelines and great example ofnhow to promote your prompt.

completely true, modified :slight_smile:

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resume does not equal résumé.

Your post reads so much better if you change your use of resume, to summarise.

As.it reads right now, it is as if it will continue, or “resume” , rather than résumé.


Thank you, I appreciate your message. I already changed it :slight_smile:


How to use it? Is it
possible to try it