I have a question about chatgpt prices

When I am in chatgpt, it offers me one payment plan option, chatgpt plus for 20 dollars per month. But when I go to the plans and pricing page, it offers me more plans (chatgpt plus for 5 dollars, chatgpt pro for 20 dollars, and more). I did not find information on the internet about this payment plan of 5 dollars a month, is it worth it? What is the difference with chatgpt pro? Thanks!

No, you’ve gotten confused between ChatGPT and AIPRM. ChatGPT has only the one plan - ChatGPT Plus @ $20 pm. But there’s also premium plans for the AIPRM extension, which are the multiple plans you are talking about. They are different things, from 2 completely different companies.

ChatGPT Plus gives you a little more access to ChatGPT

AIPRM Premium Plans give you extra features and functionality to however much access you have.

2 different products offering different benefits.


Thank you! Now i understand it well :slight_smile:

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