I have problem with access to airprm

This morning I bought the package for airprm access, but I get a message that I should buy it, I have made all the suggestions found in the discussions, but I still don’t get access. I need help to validate

Most of the time when someone reports this kind of problem they are confusing 2 different subscriptions.

ChatGPT Plus is a subscription to OpenAI and gains you higher priority access to ChatGPT when there is contention (lots of user demand at the same time). ChatGPT Plus is offered by and paid to OpenAI.

AIPRM Premium Plans are subscriptions to AIPRM corp (a completely different company), and offer enhanced features and benefits to the AIPRM Extension according to the premium plan chosen, and whether or not you stack plans. AIPRM Premium Plans are offered by and paid to AIPRM corp.

They are not the same product, nor from the same company, and subscribing to one doesn’t give the benefits of the other. They work in tandem or separately, but neither gives the benefits of the other.

See also: How can I see if I have a paid AIPRM Premium or AIPRM Free? NOT in extension, they look the same