I need a corrector prompts

Hellohttps://imagedelivery.net/hQTLE0NTlcNyb_tOYFnnyA/3b87e1d6-c32a-48b1-ac21-76a512dda400/square friends, I need a prompt to correct the grammar and spelling of a story written in Word. Greetings

Miguel Ángel Muñoz

How long is the story? ChatGPT3.5 can handle upto around 3,000 words maximum prompt history, so if your instruction plus the story are over that, you’ll need to somehow split the task.


As a writer, @Miguel_Angel_Munoz_C
I’d think you’re better off just using Grammarly or ProWritingAid for that task.

Especially as @Ammon points out, you’d have to break up the document and slow your workflow. :muscle:

AI doesn’t have to be the Swiss army knife for everything where existing tools are finely tuned.


I have used this prompt, your Best Spelling and Grammar Corrector and it has gone very well. Thank you