I Need Advice on Implementing Generative AI in Customer Service

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Recently our team’s been using AI for chatbots and basic interactions for a while now, but I’m thinking about taking things to the next level with generative AI. Basically, super-powered AI that can have more natural conversations with customers.

Anyone out there have experience integrating generative AI into their customer service world? I’m particularly interested in:

Training Tips: How do you train these models to handle all sorts of weird and wonderful customer questions?
Human Touch vs Automation: Finding the sweet spot between AI efficiency and that all-important human touch – any advice?
Implementation Hiccups: Did you run into any roadblocks when setting things up? What were they and how’d you overcome them?
Basically, any insights, war stories, or resources you can share about using generative AI in customer service would be gold. I also check this: https://www.aiprm.com/education/helpful-tips-for-using-generative-ai But I have not found any solution. could anyone guide me about this?

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Hey there!

To get started, use AIPRM prompt templates. They’re super handy for different scenarios and save a lot of time. Plus, you can set custom tones and writing styles to match your brand’s voice perfectly.

Check out these success stories from Klarna and Mavenagi to see how they integrated AI into customer support:

For a deeper dive, watch OpenAI’s video on fine-tuning:

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Thanks for the video.