I really love this AIPRM for months. Question?

The only way to have true fact based content on keyword popularity and difficulty is to see what the current status of the keywords or cluster words are that rank now. This requires access to live content. Some amazing prompts generating less and less data every week with chatgpts limiters.

How is not every single prompt on here that does not have internet access providing the value that I and others think we are getting from chatgpt? I have to pull my keyword research into here. Most prompts are the one word generate all so I take them and change to accept the real SEO data. Very few prompts to that. I pay top tier and always have and this has been a very productive product in learning about SEO topics but its not SEO optimized human real non plagerized anything if its not real time data. I mean right?

has it helped me gain hundreds of hits on my site per month over the last 6 months? Heck yeah. Has the traffic been relevant, not so much. I have semrush and ahrefs accounts so I pull in the best keywords and cluster words possible but there is not a single prompt on here that can hit the 2000+ word sweet spot right with all things necessary. When you guys go live internet access, then it has potential but chatgpt gets worse every day even v4.