Im looking to create contant for social media

Im looking to create engaging content for my social media

ChatGPT and indeed any other LLM based AI model absolutely suck at creativity. When I say ‘suck’ I mean they literally cannot do it except as an accident. So that means any and all creativity in your output has to come from a creative and different prompt.

Think about it, the way GPT and other LLMs are built is to study thousands of previous documents, to understand the patterns in them, and then to repeat those patterns on demand. Whatever prompt you give it, it’s entire purpose is to predict and generate the statistically most used, most known, pattern in return. The only time they get ‘creative’ is also when they hallucinate, through not quite understanding the terms they are using and putting conflicting things together, which if lucky comes out as cognitive dissonance, but more often comes out as just getting facts wrong.

Provided you put all the creativity in though, through your prompts, ChatGPT will ensure it comes out with all the patterns of good grammar, logical structuring, etc.

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