Impossible to browse links with my own prompt

Hi. I’ve created my own prompt in order to generate customer reviews based on a specific product. The prompt template uses a product page URL as the [PROMPT] input.

However, when I tested it with an URL using browsing plugins such as Link Reader or Vox script, I received an error telling me that chatGPT couldn’t read the content of the link. What did I do wrong? I can’t indicate an URL as an input of a custom template prompt?

Thanks ahead of time!

Which specific mode/model of ChatGPT are you using? You need a dedicated one with browsing capability, or an extension that adds the ability to browse a URL for ChatGPT to be able to do this, as by default, ChatGPT does not have internet access and cannot lookup any external databases, sources, etc.

I use GPT4 with plugin mode (beta). The plugins I connected are Link Reader, Wolfram and VoxScript. I’ve tried with each of them but I was always getting the same error and my custom prompt didn’t start.

EDIT: Surprisingly, today, it seems to work, my plugin is able to read the link. If I encounter other issues later, I will respond to the tread again.

Thanks for taking the time to answer to me!

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“Live Crawling of URLs” is an option that allows for further customization of the prompt by using placeholders for the crawled text or source code as well: