Improve the User Experience

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I hope this is a correct section :smile:

I am writing to offer some advice for the next update.

  1. As you see from screen 1 sometimes, searching old chats, it is difficult to remember which AIRPM prompt was used.
    It would be helpful to put the title of the prompt at the top.

  2. As you can see from the second screen, I think you also hate the left side so small… You could enlarge it or make it adjustable with your extension.
    (I don’t feel like editing the css from the chrome console every time)

Please see this screen:

Thank you ! ! :smile:

IMPACT for using AIPRM:

Chatgpt can’t sadly crawl the content from a URL :frowning: So it just take as much info as possible from the name of the URL.

It’s right now only possible with another plugin installed to make chatgpt crawl the serp information, but not the content of an website :-1:

But try the prompt by paste the content you want to evaluate right into chatgpt and see the result.

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Not only this - but there is a tremendous waste of space at the top of the screen - on a laptop the UX is atrocious. It feels so cramped, and I am constantly bombarded with upgrade messages. I’m just trying to evaluate the program. Makes me question even using the application. It’s very frustrating!

What is there at top of the screen? you mean bottom?

The top part of the window.

The bottom also takes up real estate - but not nearly as much as the top.