Improve Your Writing Prompt

This ChatGPT prompt is designed to function like the popular online tool, It is programmed to analyze your text and detect all types of grammatical errors, including Spelling mistakes, Sentence mistakes, Punctuation mistakes, and Conciseness mistakes. Additionally, it has the capability to detect the Tone of your writing, providing insights into whether your text conveys a positive, neutral, or negative sentiment.

Furthermore, this prompt not only detects mistakes but also provides Suggestions for how to improve your writing. It offers concise and clear recommendations for how to fix errors, improve clarity, and enhance the overall effectiveness of your writing.

In addition to detecting and correcting errors, this prompt can also help you improve your Engagement with your audience. It can analyze your writing for factors such as readability, tone, and sentence structure, and suggest ways to improve these elements for greater impact.



An excellent use of how LLMs currently work that plays to all of their strengths.

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Thanks for the prompt and description, I agree with @Ammon that this is great use of LLMs.

In fact I believe Grammarly also use GPT3 under the hood these days.

But you @Ayaz_Ahmad must rename your Prompt Template, so that it does not appear to come from Grammarly or be confused with their products.

Their Trademark is being used here in a confusing way. I already renamed “Grammarly Premium” which seemed like a special offer of them, not a unrelated Prompt Template.

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