Insert links in text automatically?

I am struggling to add links automatically. I want chatgpt to first create a text and second insert a link if a keyword in the text appears.
Has anyone figured out how this works reliably and has a tip for me?
Many thanks.

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@MarkusK do you mean like the typical “Internal linking” plugins from WordPress and other CMS?

Have you tried this AIPRM Prompt?

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Yes, tested this but it lacks anchor text and if I give instructions regarding anchor text it replaces it multiple times though I told chatgpt to use each url and each anchor text only once.
I inserted the urls in the prompt int the style of keyword1, keyword2 keyword1
ect and told him that the style is url keyword and it gets it correctly but inserts url multiple times. Also I told chatgpt to not insert urls in the h2-h5 headlines but it replaces the text there, too.
I give up now.
This has too many bugs and it makes “naturally” programmed mistakes. I take a script and run it through y text, that’ much more effective. Wasted too many time at this bullshit.

Oh I tried the same prompt with GPT4 and it does it nearly correct. Okay, seems GPT3.5 is the “error” not the prompt.

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