Instant image generation within GPT

link to Prompt "Generate images within chatGPT - Try this" by "Manish Kumar " - AIPRM for ChatGPT

What the Prompt does

  • Creates instant image within GPT
  • Helpful in experimenting with various image prompts. 3rd party tools like mid-journey is not required.
  • Unlimited generations with this prompt
  • Varieties of experimentation can be performed on the go.
  • No need to go back and fourth with mid-journey or any other image generation tool.

How I came up with it

As a image generation marketer I often find out or experiment stuff to make my work easier. With the love of experimentation I came up with the particular prompt with the help of pollination to generate certain parameters to out put image within GPT.

Process:This particular image takes a website pollination as a source & then inputs the image over gpt as a back-holder from the website(using it as an image base)

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I tried the prompt and got this response
As an AI text-based model, I’m unable to directly create or display images. However, I can describe the image to you so that you can visualize it in your mind.

Imagine a charming illustration of a cat and a dog sitting side by side. The cat has a sleek, slender body with pointy ears, and it is facing towards the right. Its tail is curved gracefully, extending outwards and then curling around the dog’s tail. The cat’s tail forms a loop that intertwines with the dog’s tail. The dog, standing slightly taller than the cat, has floppy ears and a wagging tail. Its tail curves around the cat’s tail, intertwining with it in a gentle and affectionate manner. The cat and dog both have friendly expressions on their faces, showcasing their bond and friendship.

I hope this description helps you visualize the image of a cat and dog with intertwined tails!

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Well I have tried the above prompt (copy pasted it) & re ran it. I did get a IMAGE thou.
Steps to follow: Start typing the type of image you want right from the GO. There might be a delayed OUTPUT so wait a bit for it to generate the image.


Yes, I tried it couple days ago … and it’s working. :clap:


Thus, reasoning tells us that it is likely that the model of ChatGPT used affects the output, and thus the listing for the prompts should be updated to explain which models/versions it works with and has been tested on. i.e. if a prompt is for ChatGPT using GPT4 and won’t work on the free GPT3.5, that’s something always worth stressing clearly in the prompt description.


It works both in the free version and GPT 4.

I don’t know if i can update it thou. (In the description)

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It worked, but the image it returned for me was two cats with their noses touching lol.
a cat and dog sitting next to each other with tails intertwined, friendly, adorable, playful, cute, furry, artistreference

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Also the cat has 2 tails, and the dog-muzzled cat on the right seems to have at least 3 front legs… :crazy_face: