Integration with File Management Systems


I have been exploring different methods to enable ChatGPT to interact with stored documents. Here are the approaches I’ve attempted:

  1. Chrome Plugin - “ChatGPT Sidebar and Uploader”: This tool is effective, but it has the drawback of requiring me to upload documents each time. This limitation is due to its restricted memory capacity.
  2. GPT-4 Plugins - “Zapier”: Initially, I had reservations about giving Zapier full access and control over my Google Drive. I tried it on a small scale, but unfortunately, it did not establish a connection.
  3. Keymate.AI Search: This tool is designed to connect different chats together. However, it seems to not be functioning as expected.

Given these experiences, my question is: Is there a method to integrate ChatGPT with Google Drive in a way that doesn’t necessitate uploading PDFs or other stored documents each time? I need ChatGPT to access these documents to provide responses based on the specific facts and guidance they contain.

Can I utilize Google’s API to integrate it with a bot I create using OpenAI? Is it feasible for the bot to retrieve a document ID when it reaches its memory storage limit from the previous chat? Additionally, could this approach address the GPT-4 limitation of a 25,000-word capacity?

I appreciate any relevant solution or device that could be the answer to my challenge:)