Introducing AIPRM Everywhere, Omnibox, and Custom Profiles 🚀

Got some exciting news for the community that we think you’re going to love.

We’re continuously shipping things at lightning speed and we’ve added a few new features to the tool that you should take notice of. :zap:

Introducing AIPRM Everywhere, Omnibox, and Custom Profiles

:globe_with_meridians: AIPRM Everywhere:

Connect your AIPRM prompts seamlessly from any web page using the context menu.

Say goodbye to the copy-paste hassle!

Simply right-click on the text, select “AIPRM for ChatGPT,” and gain instant access to your Favorites, Suggested, and Live Crawling prompts.

Its prompt integration made effortless, empowering you to bring AIPRM with you wherever you go online. :computer::sparkles:

:mag: AIPRM Omnibox:

We’ve introduced the AIPRM Omnibox for streamlined access.

Simply type “aiprm” followed by a space in your browser’s address bar, and you’re instantly in ChatGPT with AIPRM enabled, ready to dive into your creative process without any detours.

It’s a seamless way to unleash your ideas and accelerate your productivity. :rocket::fire:

:briefcase: Custom Profiles:

Your feedback matters, and we’ve listened!

And finally, Custom Profiles. One of our most requested features.

Now, you can specify your profile within your AIPRM account, allowing you to include business details or any other relevant information for ChatGPT to reference.

With Custom Profiles, you can maintain a persistent user context that seamlessly integrates into any prompt, enhancing user personalization. :dart::speech_balloon:

:bulb: These new updates were all designed with you in mind. Your feedback drives our improvements, and we’re grateful for your ongoing support. Let us know how we’re doing so we can continue to refine things. :mechanical_arm:

The AIPRM community is changing the generative AI space :fire:

P.S. Don’t forget!

If you think you’ve got the skills to create the best AI prompt for small businesses :arrow_down:

Submit to our contest for a chance at $5000 and a ton of other cool prizes. Submissions end Friday, July 7th, 2023.