Is AIPRM worth to pay?

In the Chrome browser extension, AIPRM is the most comprehensive plug-in for prompt collection. Although its certified prompts are priced at $5-500 per month, the value varies from person to person. Analysis of its prompt content shows that most of the prompts follow the usage standards of CHAT GPT. However, while borrowing from AIPRM prompts, we found that the prompts they created were not universally applicable and lacked particularly innovative content. I purchased the $50/month paid AIPRM certified prompt service, but promptly stopped the continuous subscription and would like to share the following information with everyone.

The Outrank Article with AIPRM’s signature prompts contained obvious errors, which still existed in its updated version. Therefore, we cannot determine the stability of the value of AIPRM prompts. Specifically, the sentence “I want you to pretend that you can write content so good in [TARGETLANGUAGE] that it can outrank other websites” appears twice. Generally speaking, it is very unreasonable for the price positioning of plug-ins in Chat GPT to be higher than that of Chat GPT itself. AIPRM provides a basic prompt library, but the process of running the plug-in is not smooth.

To date, AIPRM has displayed subscription information for major Internet companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Intel, and Disney, but we cannot judge the authenticity of this content. I hope that AIPRM will clarify the following issues to its paying subscribers of certified prompts:

  1. Please provide examples and analysis of the differences in speed, consistency, and reasoning between AIPRM’s certified prompts and non-certified prompts, and provide reliable third-party testing reports.
  2. The use of prompts has the flexibility of applicable scenarios. How does AIPRM ensure the reliability of the quality of its prompts when paying users modify the prompt parameters after purchasing them?
  3. Why is there no natural language translation prompt in the current paid subscription version of AIPRM? For example, Chinese-English translation prompts. The use of this type of prompt is very extensive and has a large market demand. Why has there been no publication of AIPRM certified translation-related prompts so far?
  4. AIPRM claims that its certified prompts are worth paying for but does not provide a refund service. Is this reasonable? It is speculated that the number of users who renew their subscriptions is extremely small. Can you provide relevant data?

You are completely misunderstanding what “Verified Prompts” actually are in a way that several others have, and that has been covered in the forums several times. Verified Prompts are not different prompts - they are the exact same prompts. What you are paying for is the list that people created by testing and reviewing the prompts.

It’s a bit like a travel guide. You know, where someone goes around somewhere that is going to be unfamiliar to a lot of people and they check out the bars and restaurants and attractions and then advise their audience on which places are recommended. All of those restaurants, bars and places to visit would be just as available without buying the guide. You just won’t know which of all the bars, restaurants and so on were recommended.

You might be someone who doesn’t see the value of the guide. Some people have plenty of time to explore for themselves, and don’t much mind that they might end up visiting bars that water the drinks and overcharge, restaurants that are unhygienic and/or have very poor quality food, and other places that are pure ‘tourist traps’, extremely disappointing, etc. That’s fine - nobody is forced to buy or use the guide in any way at all.

However, there are certainly people who are in the area for business. If they need to take a client out for a meal or a drink to help seal a deal, they need to know they are not giving that client food poisoning, or taking them to a part of town where they will get mugged, or otherwise delivering a bad experience that could so easily have been avoided. There are certainly people who don’t want to ruin their honeymoon or dream vacation on day one too. For all of those sorts of people, people who don’t have the luxury of unlimited, pressure-free time to explore over months, a guide book or video of verified places has a lot of value. And for such people, who freely self-select, that verified list is available.


You are free to cancel, like we do a lot of purchase decisions any day to try things out. Fine.

Nobody promised you free training, or a refund, or free lodging in our home for a week until you decide to pay or not.

You now are trying to get all sorts of explanations after the fact you made a decision to cancel?

What do you expect from us now? Spending time to lecture you why the prompts work the way they work?

You haven’t even understood the concept of AIPRM Verified Prompts despite all the explanations we have, as @Ammon outlined.

Judging on all your negative posts, it seems more like you cannot believe the no-refund policy and try to “force us to a refund with your complaints”.

Sorry Charlie, but no.

We have this page for you:

Why does the sentence appear to be repeated twice? Is this also deliberate by the k in the AIPRM certification prompt word? Is this rigorous for paid subscriptions with notes?----【The Outrank Article with AIPRM’s signature prompts contained obvious errors, which still existed in its updated version. Therefore, we cannot determine the stability of the value of AIPRM prompts. Specifically, the sentence “I want you to pretend that you can write content so good in [TARGETLANGUAGE] that it can outrank other websites” appears twice. Generally speaking, it is very unreasonable for the price positioning of plug-ins in Chat GPT to be higher than that of Chat GPT itself. AIPRM provides a basic prompt library, but the process of running the plug-in is not smooth.】
It’s not that I can’t afford this money, but I think you guys are using the CHAT-GPT hotspot to ring up money without enough innovation.
Bye the way, if you can, please answer a few or all of those four questions that were posed.

Supremacy won’t last forever, and I can understand why a certain online product may not offer refunds. But think about the sustainability of your so-called certified PROMPT product. Please address the issues with PROMPT first(gramma errors, etc), otherwise, how many people will continue to accept this service? If AIPRM company cannot answer the four questions I raised, please ask all friends who are about to choose AIPRM certified PROMPT to consider carefully, because the cost of silence that you paid for may be small, but you will receive a pile of prompts that are only useful for software engineers. Furthermore, AIPRM certification is not an independent and objective third-party certification, and this certification does not provide any guarantees.

I came here to discuss the necessity of AIPRM certification prompts with everyone, not to argue.

I can see that you put some thought into your response to my message, but it’s still not enough.

It is often the case that we evaluate our own products positively, but now the problem is that paying subscribers have found many issues with your prompts, and you have been discussing these issues for a long time. I received a reply stating that I cannot receive a refund as a subscriber, which is just a dodge.

My friend, I have never mentioned a refund from the beginning to the end, and I can understand English. I once again plead with you to answer my four questions, or if AIPRM cannot answer, please provide a reasonable explanation instead of confusing the logic here.

You’re still not getting it. There are not two ‘versions’ of the prompt. The prompt is the prompt. It is available to all free users. The exact same prompt. Verification simply means that a member of AIPRM staff checked out the prompt, reviewed and tested it, and decided it was of a high enough quality to pass their verification. They “verified” it, thus the name.

Verified simply means someone from AIPRM checked, reviewed, and verified it does what it says it does. VERIFIED | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary

Free users get access to the exact same prompt, with no difference at all, other than that they won’t know whether or not any prompt has been verified. Verification doesn’t modify the prompt, and there is, I say again, absolutely no difference in the prompt, only in knowing whether or not it has been tested and confirmed to work by staff. They can of course rely on the number of upvotes, but those won’t always be as reliable - for example, a prompt may work fantastically well with ChatGPT 3.5 and earn a bunch of upvotes, but not work well at all with ChatGPT4.

Well, thank you for your wisdom in running multiple software and SAAS businesses for a couple of decades. You have that experience, right? Because if you are basing your opinion on anything but years of hard commercial success, then frankly you’re what is called ‘a barstool preacher’, wafting warm air from an orifice that may or may not be your mouth.

@aiprm-christophc himself has 20 years of experience, and funded this entire development, and all its hardware, based on his many years of experience running Link Research Tools (and other ventures) and has a different opinion based on that experience. Almost 1 million users, and thousands of subscribers, in just the few weeks since the launch of premium, seem to believe he’s making the right choices, voting with their wallets.

It’s not that you don’t have a right to have your own opinion, and to follow it. But lecturing people who have experience, and are proving the success of their choices goes way beyond having an opinion. You seem to believe you are the CEO of the company and can dictate how it runs. Wake up call here - you aren’t.

Instead, you simply get to decide whether or not it is valuable to you, and whether or not you pay for it. That’s your choice, and nobody, anywhere is either pressuring you to pay, or owing you any kind of additional explanations. Pay, don’t pay, in business terms this is called “as seen”. That’s been a business tradition for some centuries. If you want to hire a company representative to come and make a special presentation, by all means enquire, but it won’t be cheap, and isn’t something typically done.

I am not an employee of AIPRM. I haven’t accepted any payment or remuneration of any kind (other than people saying ‘Thank You’) for my time here. I’m a third-party, an independent, simply here because Christoph knew of my decades of experience with online communities, with a very good reputation for both my honesty and my insights, and thus someone Christoph trusted to moderate this community - including Christoph himself should I feel he has overstepped.

The bottom line remains the same, only each user decides whether or not AIPRM has value to them, for their use, in their circumstances. They choose whether to install or not, whether to pay or not, and what functions and features they feel justify the price tag. They base that on the product “as seen” and the published documentation. Hundreds of thousands of users manage that just fine. You aren’t one of them. Not my problem, nor the community’s.

Make your decision. Just like us, you have no need to explain it to anyone. It’s your choice, just as price, product etc are AIPRM’s.