Is Chat GPT Written Content Detectable in Google and other Search Engines?

Please guide me that if I write content for my website using Chat GPT4 then is this content is detectable on Google and other major search engines?
I mean whether the search engines will penalize Chat GPT written content or not?

Please guide me honestly.

Thank You!

I don’t think so, unless you expose that content outside ChatGPT.

Google won’t penalize it for being written by AI. But they may refuse to index it at all because it contains no original value, nothing that their index doesn’t already include, because their index is magnitudes larger, containing more facts, and more recent data, than everything in ChatGPT’s knowledge.

AI can do a lot to make the structure of your writing, supplied via a prompt, match the patterns and structures of all the millions of pieces of writing it was trained on. It can check your grammar (does best if you use English), fix any spelling or typos, and even reorganize the structure of the whole piece to better follow conventions. It makes an excellent editor. But it cannot, at all, add any insight, draw any conclusions that were not already in its sources, or be creative.

It’s a lot like when a company wrote only to have content that might rank, they might set a writer to read other existing pages, and knowing nothing that wasn’t in those pages, plagiarise from them without that plagiarism being obvious. Google didn’t like that either.

This is what Google are talking about in all their guidelines or advice about not creating content that is written for search engines. This is why they recently updated their guidelines on how Quality Raters should evaluate the quality of pages by Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust. An AI, just like some spammer, can’t add experience if they have none outside of reading other pages.

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Thank You so much Ammon for guiding in detail.

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