Is the thumbs up method really working?

Is the thumbs up method really working for everyone, not just people on page 1?

There are some really good prompts on here but not all get a thumbs up.

To get a thumbs up, the user has to be intentional about going back to the start, searching for the prompt again just to give it a thumbs up. Not many people will do that even though they might like the prompt.

Any chance of getting the thumbs up icon at the end of the 1st output of the prompt? Where people can see it and instantly decide to give it a thumbs up without hunting it down to give it a thumbs up?

I myself have been here. I’ve tried telling myself, if I used the prompt more than once, I need to give it a thumbs up before I use it again to show appreciation.

I think favorite option would be better, if a prompt is favourited, it must be good, that would also be a good guide.

Be happy to hear your thoughts.


Also following people, would be good to be alerted to their new prompts.

The amount of followers a person has would be a good indicator of how good their prompts are as well.


I like this idea.
You would’ve posted in AIPRM Feature Requests.

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We have discussed this internally already.

It is the way it is, in purpose.

The suggested changes would make sense, but also allow spammers to incentivize/manipulate even easier.

We specifically will crack down on more vote manipulations, like the last 2 months :wink:

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I agree @RealityMoez - moving


Please as separare AIPRM Feature Requests @Sim2K
and see also RULE: Don't mix up Multiple Topics in 1 Topic or Post