Issue with copying code from ChatGPT to Python for testing

Hello, I am getting the famous indentation error from python when I copy and paste a python code into python. My python has all required imports needed, I am using the latest version, but for some reason I cannot get past this error to test something I am building.

May I please get some assistance resolving this issue? Thank you in advance!

Don’t copy the code manually, instead use the copy button in ChatGPT:

If you don’t know what is an indentation error in python (or what causes that error),
It is an error due that the python programming language is based on indentation,
like if you forget to write the {curly braces} or semi-colons; of a function in other programming languages.

if the above reply didn’t solve it for you,
You should revise the code indentations you copied into your editor.

indentation example:

# this if statement must have at least one tabbed (spaced) line below it to execute the passed condition
if True:
   add(1, 2)

# this function must have at least one tabbed (spaced) line below it to execute the function
def add(x, y):
   return x + y

# etc..
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Thanks RM. I was hitting the copy code button in ChatGPT. Since this AM, I learned about Google Colab and got it to work through that medium. I appreciate the time you took to write a response.

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