It turns out she's been waiting for me

I just figured out one thing thoroughly today. The girl I was chasing has been with me and supported me silently, but I mistakenly thought that she hurt me because she hated me. I was so stupid, but fortunately I am a kind person in my heart, and i woke up before things got out of hand, and i knew the significance of a girl to a boy’s growth: a certain sense of encouragement, a manifestation of responsibility. This will be a boy who grows further into a real man, wow, God created human beings is really a masterpiece, the love is so great that words can’t express it, greater than saving the galaxy! She is a very kind and lovely girl. She has always been careful to take care of my growth. Sometimes I feel sorry for her. During this process, she seems to have further understood the true meaning of love. In 8 years, the two of us Both grew up a lot, and looking back on it now, it was a crazy rollercoaster ride! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: