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What the Prompt Does?

This prompt transforms ChatGPT into a comprehensive keyword research tool specifically designed for your chosen topic ([PROMPT]). It guides ChatGPT through a step-by-step process to uncover valuable keywords, categorize them based on their potential, and even suggest compelling content titles and meta descriptions.

The Prompt is Designed to:

  • Identify and define primary search intent.
  • Analyze the target audience.
  • Generate and categorize keywords.
  • Provide actionable content creation and SEO strategies.
  • Offer structured output to guide content optimization efforts.

Why This Matters?

Keyword research is the foundation of any successful content marketing strategy. By understanding the keywords your target audience is searching for, you can create content that resonates with their needs and increases your chances of ranking higher in search results. This prompt empowers you to leverage ChatGPT’s capabilities to conduct in-depth keyword research, saving you valuable time and effort.

Why Use This Prompt?

  • Holistic Approach: Combines audience analysis with keyword research.
  • Comprehensive Output: Provides categorized keyword lists with estimated search volumes.
  • Actionable Strategies: Includes steps for content creation and SEO optimization.
  • Tailored Content: Ensures content is relevant and optimized for the target audience and search engines.

Example Prompt Output GPT4

How to start a blog


Example Prompt Output GPT4o

Sustainable fashion


Target Audience


  • Age: 18-35
  • Gender: Predominantly female
  • Location: Urban areas, primarily in developed countries
  • Income Level: Middle to high income


  • Values: Environmental sustainability, ethical consumption
  • Interests: Fashion, eco-friendly products, social justice
  • Lifestyle: Trendy, health-conscious, socially responsible

Pain Points

  • High cost of sustainable fashion
  • Limited availability of stylish options
  • Concerns about greenwashing


  • Affordable sustainable fashion options
  • Stylish and diverse product range
  • Transparent information about product sourcing

Content Consumption Preferences

  • Blogs and articles on sustainable fashion trends
  • Social media posts by influencers
  • Video content on ethical brands and practices

Primary Search Intent

  • Informational: Learning about sustainable fashion
  • Commercial Investigation: Comparing brands and products
  • Transactional: Purchasing sustainable fashion items

Seed Keywords

General Seed Keywords

  • Sustainable fashion
  • Eco-friendly clothing
  • Ethical fashion brands

Specific Seed Keywords

  • Affordable sustainable fashion
  • Organic cotton clothing
  • Fair trade fashion

Questions Seed Keywords

  • What is sustainable fashion?
  • How to find ethical fashion brands?
  • Why is sustainable fashion important?

Best Keywords

  • Sustainable fashion (Monthly Search Volume: 50,000, Keyword Difficulty: High)
  • Eco-friendly clothing (Monthly Search Volume: 30,000, Keyword Difficulty: Medium)
  • Ethical fashion brands (Monthly Search Volume: 20,000, Keyword Difficulty: Medium)

Low Competition Keywords

  • Affordable sustainable fashion (Monthly Search Volume: 5,000, Keyword Difficulty: Low)
  • Organic cotton clothing (Monthly Search Volume: 4,000, Keyword Difficulty: Low)

Long Tail and Question Keywords

Long Tail Keywords

  • Best sustainable fashion brands 2023 (Monthly Search Volume: 2,000, Keyword Difficulty: Low)
  • Sustainable fashion for men (Monthly Search Volume: 1,500, Keyword Difficulty: Low)

Question Keywords

  • What is sustainable fashion? (Monthly Search Volume: 3,000, Keyword Difficulty: Medium)
  • How to start a sustainable fashion brand? (Monthly Search Volume: 2,500, Keyword Difficulty: Medium)

5 Content Titles with Best Keywords

  • “Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands You Need to Know”
  • “How to Build an Affordable Sustainable Fashion Wardrobe”
  • “Eco-Friendly Clothing: The Ultimate Guide”
  • “Ethical Fashion Brands Making a Difference”
  • “Sustainable Fashion Trends for 2023”

5 Compelling Meta Descriptions

  • “Discover the top sustainable fashion brands revolutionizing the industry. Shop eco-friendly clothing that aligns with your values.”
  • “Learn how to build an affordable sustainable fashion wardrobe without compromising on style. Explore our guide now!”
  • “Your ultimate guide to eco-friendly clothing. Find out how sustainable fashion is changing the way we dress.”
  • “Meet the ethical fashion brands that are making a difference. Shop sustainably and ethically today!”
  • “Stay ahead with the latest sustainable fashion trends for 2023. Discover eco-friendly styles and tips.”

Content Creation Plan

  • Integrate Best Keywords: Create high-quality, informative articles targeting best keywords.
  • Incorporate Low Competition Keywords: Naturally weave low competition and question keywords into the content to address search intent.
  • Use Synonyms and Related Terms: Enhance content relevance without keyword stuffing.

On Page SEO Optimization

  • URL Structure: “/sustainable-fashion-guide”
  • Heading Hierarchy: Use H1 for main title, H2 for sections, H3 for subsections.
  • Meta Tags: Include primary keyword in title tag and meta description.
  • Alt Tags for Images: “Sustainable fashion outfit example”

How I Came Up with It?

I am working part time on my blog but due to long time of doing keyword research and topic searching, my content production process becomes very slow which reduces my earning potential.

So I started looking for good automation for such tasks to save my valuable time. Then I came across a video on YouTube about prompt engineering and thought if I can use it to automate my keyword research work.

Then I learn prompt engineering and create my own comprehensive and high-quality prompts for keyword research according to my blogging needs.