LAUNCHED: Forking a Public Prompts to a Private Prompt

Long-awaited Feature Request is coming

Forking = Clone a Prompt to Edit it for yourself.

“Forking a Prompt” means making a copy of a Public Prompt that someone else has created, so that you can work on it in private, with changes only visible to you. It’s like making a photocopy of a book, so you can write notes in the margins without damaging the original.

Think of it like this: Imagine someone has written a really cool story in a book, but you want to make some changes to it and create your own version of the story. Instead of writing your own story from scratch, you can make a copy of the original book (Forking the Prompt), make your changes to your copy (editing the forked Prompt), and keep the original book intact (the original Prompt).

In short, forking a Prompt allows you to make a copy of someone else’s work, so you can modify it without affecting the original work.


Does it get tagged in any way as a ‘derivative work’ or “inspired by or based upon X”? If not, perhaps it should? I’m thinking of how Creative Commons works here, and attribution being an essential part of acceptable use for many who might otherwise not share their works.

It will get tagged&linked just like in Github


“Fork a Public Prompt as Private Prompt”

this feature is live now for all users that have
the “AIPRM Premium for ChatGPT” extension installed and are on the AIPRM Elite plan.

It will be available soon in “AIPRM for ChatGPT”.

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on my account not show “Fork as Private Prompt” Button
my account Subscription on 1x AIPRM Pro + 1x AIPRM Elite


You need to use the “Eye” symbol as shown in the video.

Were you drinking late in the evening when that was coded
Were you chuckling as you thought “Where’s the last place someone would want to stick a fork, Oh, I know…” :rofl: