Learnings from 100s of Prompts in AIPRM

This is the recording of my talk that aired on the SEO Reborn Summit Feb 28.

In this presentation you gain never-heard-before insights about the AIPRM for ChatGPT platform. AIPRM amassed over 350,000+ users in the first seven weeks only, that sent 10+ million prompts to ChatGPT, only via the templates in the AIPRM system.

This hands-on demo will show you the best prompt templates and how you can benefit from them. Don’t miss the chance to watch these best picks from 100s of amazing community submitted prompts already.Show less


Oh my dear lord.
Sorry dear Christoph, but I’m gonna go out of line and sing a a song for the occasion

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Wow! Christoph, AMAZING! I fell asleep at 3 in the morning taking notes and sending to a couple friends into AI & web3 both. Woke up and rewatched parts I needed to see once more. THANK YOU! Great Work! Congratulations to you and your team and all the prompt engineers as well.


It’s even better to be here now when AIPRM has such a friendly face. You’re having a lot of fun with ChatGPT yourself, that comes across well. Stay tuned :cowboy_hat_face::ok_hand:


nice talk there, @aiprm-christophc !
Very informative, thanks :slight_smile:


Wonderful Christoph!

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