Loan Criteria and Funding Eligibility Checker for Small Businesses

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What the Prompt does

  • Based on the given information, the AI system will search the web for loan options that meet the criteria and provide a list of recommendations. Please note that the information provided is based on general criteria, and actual loan approval may depend on various factors determined by lenders. Conduct your own research and contact lenders directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  • To KNOW THE FUNDING/LOAN Eligibility for Small business owners without hassle

Example Prompt Output GPT3.5


Credit score of the business owner: 660
Number of operational years for the business: 3+
Loan amount required: $660,000
Preferred interest rates: 7%


Minimum credit score: 650
Minimum operational years: 2 years
Loan amount: Up to $700,000
Interest rate: Starting from 6.5%
Lender: ABC Credit Union

How I came up with it

I found out by a bit of research that, most common problem faces by Small Businesses is lack of Funding to grown their busines, so came up with a simple solution

Any Advice to improve it to make it more user-friendly are always welcomed