Local Lead Generator - Top 20 Businesses - Any Industry, Any City!

I’ve just created this new unique prompt and would love it if the community gives it a try. Please reply and let me know what you think.


Generate 20 leads for any industry in any city! Includes name, phone, and email. Reputable information source. Top companies should still be around though some of the info like website URL, phone numbers and emails can be dated. If you found this useful please LIKE! Thanks!

Try this prompt: Prompt "Local Lead Gen | Top 20 Businesses" by "AI Marketing Plan" - AIPRM for ChatGPT

I’ve found that for some industries the results are pretty amazing and you get a full list of emails! Some industries are less likely to get emails. Let me know what your results are. Thanks.


Just bear in mind that ChatGPT has no live feed for current data other than in Prompts. Everything it ‘knows’ is from a carefully selected dataset made over a year in the past, meaning it will have businesses that no longer exist, that have moved, and it will not have any business that opened only in the last 18 months. And with each and every month that passes, it will become further out of date.

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Yes, I understand that and I wrote a disclaimer that the lead information may be out of date. But, because of the source of the data, these should be very well-established businesses that are likely to still be around after 2 years.


Very good. Thanks for this. Will promote it. Have given it a like.


You’re welcome. I appreciate the feedback and sharing.


I love it, I was looking for something like that.


Thank you, glad you found it useful

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Good news, I try on Bing and it is really good. :sunglasses:

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really good thanks really much. can you provide more options like size of company and contact (ingenior, or director)

I like the prompt. Thanks. I used it with a chrome extension that provides current info from the web and it worked. Webchatgpt. It was a significant difference in the searches I did.

I tried the extension and it did not work for me. Glad it is working for you.

Thanks. Maybe I can help. What exactly did it do? Were you able to produce a table? Did the table have any different information than the content created without the extension?

This is pretty cool, thanks for the share. Looks complete and works well. I guess one could always knit-pick and wish there was a one click export csv or min-width phone # column but that’d be silly.

I like how I can just use a ZIP code instead of the name of the city too… I wonder if it’d work with telephone area code. I didn’t test that out yet.

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It seems like a useful tool for businesses looking to generate leads for their industry in a specific city. I will check it out and come with feedback. Hope won’t be disappointed. I’m just curious about what other people say about lead data enrichment done with your prompt. Does it collect updated information?

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