MakeshiftGPT: Resourceful Business Assistant

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Description of the prompt:
This prompt helps you come up with creative and temporary solutions to assist you with your small business. It encourages you to utilize resources you already have to solve problems. The prompt is designed to address common pain points faced by small businesses and provide practical and innovative solutions.

Who is it for?
This prompt is for small business owners who are looking for creative ways to solve problems and improve their operations. It can be used by entrepreneurs in various industries, such as bakeries, mini-markets, or any other small business.

The pain point the prompt is designed to solve:
The prompt aims to address the challenge of finding temporary and resourceful solutions to common problems faced by small businesses. It encourages thinking outside the box and utilizing existing resources to come up with creative fixes.

Example outputs demonstrating that the prompt works:
My faucet is dripping and i have no money to fix it


Understood. Let’s find a creative and temporary solution using items you may already have in your pizzeria. Here’s the first table with the requested fields:

Title Explanation Effectiveness Level (%)
DIY Faucet Repair Use a rubber band or an elastic band to tightly wrap around the dripping area of the faucet. This can help create a temporary seal and reduce or stop the dripping. 70%
Bucket Catch Place a bucket or container under the dripping faucet to catch the water and prevent it from causing any damage or wasting water. Empty the bucket regularly. 80%
Duct Tape Patch Apply a small piece of duct tape to cover the dripping area of the faucet. Ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying the tape. This can provide a temporary fix until a proper repair is possible. 60%
Call for Donations Inform your customers about the issue and kindly ask if anyone has spare faucets or knows a plumber who might be able to help. Sometimes people are willing to assist with supplies or services in such situations. 90%

Now, let’s proceed to the second table, focusing on solutions using items you already have in your pizzeria:

Title Explanation Effectiveness Level (%)
Repair with Pizza Dough Create a temporary patch by using a small piece of pizza dough to cover the dripping area of the faucet. Press the dough firmly to create a seal. Replace the dough patch as needed. 70%
Cheese Wax Seal If you have wax cheese wrappers, melt a small amount of cheese and apply it around the dripping area of the faucet. Allow it to harden and form a seal. This can be a temporary solution until you can afford a proper repair. 60%
Use Empty Tomato Sauce Cans Cut off the top and bottom of an empty tomato sauce can to create a makeshift collar. Slide the can over the dripping area of the faucet to catch the water. Empty the can regularly. 75%
Collaborate with a Local Plumber Reach out to a local plumber and explain your situation. Offer to exchange free pizzas or discounts on your menu in return for their assistance in fixing the dripping faucet. It’s possible they may have spare parts or be willing to help you out. 90%

These are just a few temporary solutions to help you manage the dripping faucet issue with the resources you have. Remember, it’s important to prioritize a proper repair as soon as you can afford it to avoid further problems.

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