Medical field related prompt engineering

Hello Fam,

Are there people here that are ready to work with me to build PROMPTS around healthcare?

Join me and lets build this thread together



I’m in. Registered nurse here I recently created a program called quote"Breaking the cycle of burnout in Healthcare." I would love to develop some prompts to use with that and help you with whatever your projects are as well. Here’s my course builder prompt Check it out and let me know what you think:


I’m also interested. Im working in the alternative medicine space as a Nutritionist. Looking at using language models for writing content, brainstorming and supporting business


I’m a medical doctor with a background in Biomedical Engineering. Let’s talk.


The absolute most important thing is that you do not rely on the AI for any factual accuracy. If there are facts that should be in the output, put them into the prompt as part of an instructional template you want it to follow.

Obviously, in anything relating to healthcare, from dietary or fitness advice through to drug information, or diagnostics, OpenAI have made it clear that their AI is not fit for that purpose, it can hallucinate, it can conflate two different factual statements into one misleading one, and in health stuff, any inaccuracies could risk lives or welfare.

Additionally, one small inaccuracy that slips past you but gets detected by Google, and your domain may be excluded from YMYL filtered results for years.

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I’m in. Working on something now and I think you guys were the missing piece. Admissions Director at a Skilled Nursing Facility. My husband is a tech guy. And a physician group of Doctors. Nice to meet all of you.


So I wrote several prompts as well and I find that by creating shorter more instructive prompts, allowing AI to catch up and acknowledge there’s understanding, I have not yet come across any major errors. Also, another technique I found is by requesting “References or resources” to link to for further detail on that subject. Reference a person, or place well-known in that industry. My thought on the matter of AI giving incorrect information- Well, AI will be as smart as you are. It can be overwhelmed with information, especially when first starting out. By breaking the prompts into smaller parts- it helps AI store the information correctly. It also helps us clearly communicate our idea or thought on what we are asking for. I am very excited. I accidentally stumbled onto this site.

Medical doctor and a background in medical engineering is a big combination.
This will be an added advantage

You are welcome onboard

The plan is not to rely on AI completely but to use AI to our advantage while avoiding or minimising likelihood of penalty from Google.

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I want to let you guys know that I have also researched and learnt how you can connect ChaGPT to the Internet. This also helps in breaking the limit of ChatGPT’s knowledge limiting to on or before September 2021.

When you give ChatGPT access to the Internet, ChatGPT also get access to latest information. This will enhance the results you get from working with ChatGPT.

This how to connect ChatGPT to Internet via the following video

Installing ANY other browser extension that interacts in any way with ChatGPT will cause a conflict with ALL of the extensions that all try to interact with ChatGPT at the same time.

The Greatly Simplified Explanation of Conflicts

Extension Conflict with AIPRM - no support, test or endorse of other ChatGPT extensions in parallel to AIPRM

Instead, you are better off with the AIPRM extension that allows crawling live data (has no conflict and is tested and designed to work with AIPRM), or else waiting for the official OpenAI ChatGPT plugin that will give ChatGPT a native web access functionality (and since it comes from ChatGPT’s makers, will be supported by AIPRM)

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Hi, I am a high school student interested in Healthcare and CS. I am happy to assist you in any initiatives.

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Hello everyone! I sincerely hope that you are all in good health and spirits. Allow me to introduce myself - I am a cardiologist with a background in biomolecular research, specifically in the areas of stem cells, exosomes, and cellular signaling. Additionally, I have completed fellowships in both immunology and oncology. Currently, I am conducting research on genomic studies related to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Speaking of research, I am fascinated by the potential of ChatGPT in the medical field, despite its limitations. It’s truly exciting! Let’s discuss and explore this topic further. I am eager to see where this conversation takes us.


Hi, I work as administrator in a private ambulatory hospital. My background is a major in Engineering in mechatronic and a master degree in Hospital management. I am deeply interested in any application of AI for creating of new business models for healthcare .


Hi! I am nurse of over 15 years. I can support building prompts around healthcare. Can you support?

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You will support OR we will? :sweat_smile: