Must "Please write in English language" be injected into every single message?

I’ve had a good search through the posts and can’t seem to find a similar question.

Is there any way to stop the following string from being injected into every message: “Please write in English language.”

For starters it’s grammatically incorrect, but more to the point, in long conversations that contain hundreds of messages, this string also occurs hundreds of times. Which starts to impact the model’s responses. For example: it starts telling me that I need to reply in the English language!

Does anyone else experience this behaviour, too?


You can select Default language in the output, instead of English.

It will not prompt “Please write in English language.”


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Good Evening,

What happens if it’s already defaulted to English and it still says that? I thought that the solution stated would be a fix for me, but mine was already set to the default and still doing it. Is there a reset somewhere, or is there something in my settings that I need to adjust?

Already when you select Default language , it will not put Please write in [selected] language in the prompt.

So I don’t know what’s happening for you?

Maybe you need to start a new conversation.

I am attempting to do my due diligence here, in case I am not the only one experiencing this. I have noticed a few things scrolling through various conversations to see if there is a pattern.
It does not happen in 3.5. I thought there was a pattern with the plugins for 4.0, but it happened when I was just using 4.0 by itself without plugins. Also, I sometimes use the community created addon prompt generators. Sometimes not, so I can’t connect the two interactions there. The AIPRM addon is not competing either.
I hope that helps a bit more.

I resorted to explaining in my custom instructions to chatGPT that the “Please write in English language” command is automatically appended to all my prompts due to a third party glitch and not part of my intended message and to please disregard it. I thought it was maybe a left over artifact from one of AIPRMs command structures. Sometimes I’ll see it at the end of chatGPT’s responses. I’m just tired of dealing with it. All my chats are titled “English homework” or “Help with English writing” or “Dryer schematic assistance in English language”.

The chat names are generated automatically at first and you can rename it.

The solution for the appended language prompt is already mentioned above.