My 3rd Prompt - Upgrade your LinkedIn Summary

This prompt is my 1st prompt that had an interview element to it. It interviews you to get all the information it needs to create for you a LinkedIn Summary. It asks you questions 1 by 1. The 1st question is hard-coded into the Prompt. The remaining 5 questions are created by ChatGPT itself based on the previous question and answer and runs in a ‘While-Loop’ till all the questions are answered then runs a set of tasks to get you your LinkedIn Summary. This is not an easy prompt but a great prompt once I got it working.

Try my prompt here → Prompt "Create your most PERFECT LinkedIn Summary ever!" by "Simeon Williams/@Sim2K your prompt engineer" - AIPRM for ChatGPT

This link shows the output of the prompt in all its glory.

I used this as I kept getting harassed whenever I logged into LinkedIn so I sorted this to help me.

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It …

  1. It asks you why are you creating your LinkedIn Summary?
  2. Then it asks you questions
  3. Each question is based on the previous question and answer so it can be unique for every person and their job role.
  4. Each question gives you an example answer which as you go along changes to be an example based on your data
  5. Gives you help and guidance to answer the question
  6. Reviews each answer you give it, rate’s it out of 100, and give’s you tips to make your answer better