My 4th Prompt - Write a review for a workmate, the easy way!

This prompt is my 2nd prompt that had an interview element to it. It interviews you to get all the information it needs to give feedback on a workmate for those LEAP or 360 work reviews you have to do every year. I was getting lots of emails asking me to write up reviews for workmates. I thought I don’t have time to write all these up. So I created this prompt to do it.

Try my prompt here → Prompt "Work colleague feedback form time saver" by "Simeon Williams/@Sim2K your prompt engineer" - AIPRM for ChatGPT

This link shows the output of the prompt in all its glory.

It asks you questions about your work colleague to get all it needs to write up a fair feedback report.

Please give it a thumbs up if you like it. Thank you.

It …

  1. It asks you for their gender
  2. How do you know them
  3. What you do
  4. Their good points (Just a line per good point)
  5. Bad points (Just a line per bad point)
  6. How you want to frame the feedback report

Then it creates it for you. I was able to do 6 feedbacks in 5mins!

I would put up more prompts, bigger, powerful ones, but I got to wait for 5 reviews for each prompt I put up.