My AIPRM PRO subscription purchased on iphone and not transferring over to desktop

I downloaded AIPRM and upgraded to Pro on my iphone and the subscription is not carrying over to my desktop AIPRM account. How do I sync the two so I can utilize PRO on iphone and desktop?

AIPRM does not have a separate iPhone app, yet:

Please double-check if you have upgraded a different app on your iPhone.

To utilize AIPRM Pro on your desktop, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install AIPRM for ChatGPT from the Chrome Web Store via this link:
  1. Link your OpenAI account to AIPRM:
  1. Visit to purchase AIPRM Premium plan.
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The AIPRM you purchased on IPhone is a scam, and we have taken legal action against the infringers @Michael_Gonzales

We stronlgy recommend to uninstall that misleading Software unauthorized by AIPRM, corp and demand a chargeback