My chat gpt plus subscription can't access and none of bugs reported have been resolved for last one month

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I am subscribed on Chat gpt plus and I have been reporting bugs for last month and nothing have been resolved.No email received and was just getting worse and worse until today I have noticed that my subscription is not showing any longer.Even my last payment done January 10th 2023. I want refund for all month because I was not able to use any of features and or to be activated with resolving all bugs or I don’t need your services any longer. Every time when I report it 10 days for replay,pass 10,days,20days and still nothing

ChatGPT Plus is a service offered by OpenAI which is a different company, separate from AIPRM. For any concerns regarding OpenAI/ChatGPT, please reach out to their support team here:

Hello! Yes! It’s right ! I have paid for the aiprm membership for account with different e-mail [REDACTED] so, can you help me do the right decision: 1. Delete this account
Or 2. My membership Pro transfer and use with this account and delete [REDACTED]@gmai

Or might be possible to joint these account as general one (this [REDACTED]@inbox my login to ChatGPT but I did chrome Aiprm and logged in with GMAIL e-mail … what was logical right to me…

So, Dear Aiprm team help me please with my registration mistake and my doubles :brick:

Hi Alexandra. Kindly write to us from the email address associated with your AIPRM account at Feel free to add any relevant details so we can better assist you. Please note however that we cannot transfer subscriptions nor combine the accounts. Also, I’d like to add that you can link your ChatGPT account to your AIPRM account even if they are under different email addresses.