My saved prompts keep disappearing...?

And I have no idea whom to ask, so if this is the wrong place, I apologize up front! :slight_smile:
I have lost three saved prompts, one of which was public. They showed up once in the last three days, but I have no idea why. They’re gone again, now.

Is it me?

I haven’t heard anyone saying they’ve lost public prompts before this, but I do know that AIPRM found a bug with saving prompts, fixed it, and submitted that fixed build to Google for approval for the Play store.
Have you checked it is logging you in with the correct email account?

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I’m sure it’s my account, my name is in the upper right corner. I have read all the posts here, and yes, I heard about the bug/Google/etc. But since my problem is just a little different, I thought I’d throw it out there. :slight_smile:
i guess I’ll try uploading again.
Thx for the input!


Also, I have had trouble with the save button as well, so just waiting…

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Hello Justin

It’s totally possible that your prompt was either

1/ down voted by users
2/ removed in review

Lots of public prompts get deleted that way. That’s the way it has always been.

There is no specific notfication or review queue/review feedback/etc. yet, due to the volume and large number of prompts (10,000s!)

Our guidance is to try better, try harder and avoid any kind of violations of the Prompt Guidelines.

The defect that saving prompts currently only works with a workaround is still live,
and we’re still waiting for Google here since Monday.


TY for your response!! I appreciate it!!

Only one of the 3 was public and it had already garnered at least one upvote. But if there were downvotes, how many does it take? And what about the 2 private prompts I was working on?

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Private Prompts are not visible to us in audits, and also don’t get touched.

Most likely you have setup a filter or picked a “Topic” where they don’t show up,
that’s what happens usually.



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好的,但现在已经至少 4 天了…

Oh my! This is EXCATLY what has happened! THANK YOU, thank you thank you!!!

I hope your account is fine


It seems to be. The error was mine! Thx!

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