Network error am facing this type of (network error) again and again when it is writing an article

I am facing this type of (network error) again and again when it is writing an article. On other hand, my network connection work properly.

Is this while OpenAI was down or at another time? Is Open AI down? Users left unable to access ChatGPT

It would seem nobody has a concrete answer to this issue. My observations are based on volume either content volume or user volume. It is VERY frustrating. Is any of the developers looking into this does anybody know?

Well, all we have in this thread is an unknown error in an unknown situation. Needs a lot, lot more very specific detail before it is anything one can use for diagnosis.

The thing with a network error is that it is an error in some (any) part of the entire network, from the users machine, through their router, the ISP, all other nodes of the internet, to the connection at the far end. And somewhere in a possibly 20-hop journey, there’s an error, of some kind.

The only thing we know is that a user says they have a network error, and that ChatGPT has been having continued disruptions to their service and network ever since discovering that all your private chats were possibly leaking on Monday because they were using some open source code for the whole system. See: ChatGPT bug temporarily exposes AI chat histories to other users - The Verge