Optimizing my RESUME according to job requirements

Hi friends, I have a list of requirements for a job position and I have another text with my resume. I would like to adjust my work experience to match the job requirements, something like using keywords in a text automatically. I have tried many prompts but it doesn’t do it, can someone please help me?


My own approach for this task would likely be to create one full and complete resume and save it, possibly online in Google docs. Then you’d either post all that into the prompt along with the instructions to rewrite it just a little to highlight the following skills and experience [entering the skills and experience you need it to demonstrate for the job] and see how that goes. You’d obviously want to review it very carefully to be sure the AI hadn’t misrepresented anything or added its own hallucinations or misunderstandings, but it should operate as a good starting point.

Note that it is up to you to specify which skills and experience might be particularly useful and worth highlighting - decision making, timekeeping, reliability, leadership, etc. and not to expect an AI that has never had a job or a career to know what skills or experiences might be required.

i.e. do NOT prompt it expecting things that current AI cannot do like “rewrite this resume to highlight the skills of an Investment Advisor” where that would require multiple steps of analysis and logic - two things that LLM-based AI are very very bad at. ( See A Crash Course in LLM-based AI )

Instead, if you need the AI to tell you what skills might be important to a particular job, ask that question first, then use the skills you agree with in the prompt I first suggested. Breaking complex tasks into simpler steps massively improves the outcomes.