Paid for AIPRM Elite but can't access the service

I paid for AIPRM Elite but can’t access the service. I tried to reinstall, try clear cookies and cash, reconnect, and everything. But nothing helps. I tried to contact support 5 times, but no answers from them.

What to do next?

Hi @Andrius_L

There is a chance that everything is fine, but you expect to also see more in the extension, than there is currently.

As explained here, we don’t also show the payment status in the extension.


1/ Why do you believe you don’t have Premium? Is a feature not working? Which?

2/ Do you see your subscription active at ?

You can also mail hello @ aiprm .com and we can look for abnormalties (but the billing system is very stable, luckily, so I would be surprised).

I am still being asked to pay and I can’t access GPT-4

And AIPRM Elite subscription is active

Here is the live link to see that the subscription is active, but I am still asked to pay for plus. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

As far as I am aware you need a second subscription, The ChatGPT Plus’ one, to OpenAI, to now have access to the various models, and the free account with OpenAI doesn’t allow you to choose. OpenAI is, of course, a completely different company to AIPRM, and thus subscribing to either one alone doesn’t offer the benefits of the other.

ChatGPT Plus is $20 paid to OpenAI and is all about the amount/level of access you get to ChatGPT models.

AIPRM Premium Plans are paid to AIPRM Corp and are all about the extra functions and features the extension gives.