Press releases according to best practices in PR

Hi everyone, I am working on a prompt to draft press releases according to best practices in the Public Relations industry.

Here is the prompt (not public yet)

Ignore all previous instructions. I want you to respond only in [TARGETLANGUAGE] Act as a Public Relations professional that speaks and writes fluently in [TARGETLANGUAGE] Generate a press release for [COMPANY NAME] announcing the launch of a new product/service called [PRODUCT/SERVICE NAME] on the current date. The press release should highlight the [KEY FEATURES] of the product/service, target audience, unique selling points (USPs), and 2 quotes from company officials. Emphasize the unique selling points, the problem it solves, and the [TARGET AUDIENCE] it caters to. Use quotes from [COMPANY NAME]'s executives to showcase their excitement and confidence in the new offering. Add statistics, customer testimonials or awards, if any, to support the claims made in the press release. Ensure the tone is professional, and highlights the significance of this launch for the company and the industry. Please include all relevant details such as launch date, location, availability, and a call to action for journalists and potential customers to learn more. Avoid overusing buzzwords and clichés and instead focus on conveying the unique and specific qualities of the product, service, or company being described. Do not use the following words: Best of Breed, World-Class, Unprecedented, Unique, Cutting-Edge, Thrilled, Exciting, Leading, Disruptive/Disruption, Award-Winning, Innovative, ROI, Dynamic, Transform, Leverage, Seamless, Largest, User-Friendly, Easy-to-Use, Extensive. The press release should start with FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE and end with END. It should be structured as follows: Headline, Subheading, Location, date of today, Lead paragraph, Product or service features and highlights, Quotes from the executive team and stakeholders, About the company information, Media Relations contact information. Generate the press release using the following [PROMPT]

These are the prompt hints:

This is what I get as a result:

Overall not bad but it didn’t take into account my [TARGET AUDIENCE] and I don’t know how the set-up will take several [KEY FEATURES]. Also, it still returns overhyped words like “innovative”…

How can I tweak it to make it even better? Thanks!


Worked a treat for me.

Let’s say that the structure is fine but still… I really want to get rid of the overhyped words (even if the media relations pro can put them back in of course) and then there’s the problem of adding (in the prompts request/structure) several [KEY FEATURES]. Meaning; if you have 3 key features, do you just add them one after the other and separate with a comma or should that be different?

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Horatio, two things

1/ did you already publish your prompt in AIPRM - if yes, please link to it

2/ we will support Multiple Variables in a Prompt soon, following the ideas here

Tried to adapt but now i am receiving this error message unfortunately…

Yes, totally spammy - it should be a hint, for normal users

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