Price Increase Thoughts

Tomorrow, we will end our Early-Bird Pricing at AIPRM.

Prices for new subscriptions will be higher.

Existing customers keep the price on their active subscription.

This is good for them, and good for us.

Every customer knows that if they cancel, they will pay higher prices when they come back.

It locks customers into the old price and into the product.

Increasing subscription prices with increasing product value makes a lot of sense.

With the growth of the customer base and features, your operational complexity grows.

When you provide a free service to 1,000,000, that’s even more important.

A few 100 may complain about pricing, but if your service is down or degraded, a million 1,000,000 cannot work.

AIPRM upgrades on all dimensions, hardware, software, marketing, legal…

…and we’re just getting started :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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@aiprm-christophc apologies in advance for such a newbie question. Do I need to have Chat Plus to use the upgrade of AIPRM? I use AIPRM often but I don’t yet have a Plus and I’m wondering what the benefits are if I get the upgrade.

The two different programs offer different things. AIPRM premium plans are all about the extra features you get, while the ChatGPT Plus Plan is mostly about giving you a little more priority for access to ChatGPT when it is busy, although I think you also don’t get the choice over LLM modes (the choice to use GPT4) without the ChatGPT Plus account.

You’d certainly have the extra AIPRM features for your plan, even without ChatGPT Plus, but you might not be able to get as much out of them if you were unable to connect because OpenAI’s service was busy and only letting higher priority accounts have access at a given time. Also, any prompts that really rely on the better Natural Language Processing of GPT4 might not work as well, or as expected, if you only had access to GPT3.5

Hope that’s a complete enough answer to help you.


Yes Ammon, that is the complete answer that I needed. I thought just as much but I wasn’t too sure. Thanks for the swift, ultra-clear response. Off I go to lock in my subscription before the price increases.