Price Increase?

So, I was going over my budget sheet, and I noticed my cost for AIPRM has increased from
$55.20 to $59.56.

Is there a reason for this increase out of nowhere? TBH, the only reason this stings for a~$4 increase is I always lose out on conversion month to month.

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As detailed in Section 4 of our Terms & Conditions, we implement a price indexation clause. This means that the original subscription price, before any discounts, is subject to periodic adjustments based on inflation.

For clarity, we adjust the original subscription cost in alignment with inflation rates, specifically referencing The European Union Consumer Price Index (CPI).

So, the actual amount you pay may vary slightly due to these periodic adjustments. This approach ensures that AIPRM continues to deliver high-quality, innovative features while adapting to economic changes.

Thanks for the response & explanation.

  1. Does this mean when inflation goes back down, the price will go down as well?

  2. Is the +5% increase on yearly renewal done in perpetuity? This would mean essentially, at some point in year 10, it’d be increased by 50% (napkin math done here).

This is all new, as this is the first time I have heard about or experienced The European Union Consumer Price Index (CPI)

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Thank you very much for the Information, I have also checked it. So even though it’s in the TOS, I would have appreciated some information about it before more was debited. I keep having to click away popups about offers, but of course the increase just goes through as if everyone remembers what they agreed to 9 months ago.

I wonder if it is also in accordance with German law. Since even netflix and spotify had problems with it source.

Our Subscription Billing Agreement states that fees will increase annually based on the European Union Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 5%. This adjustment takes effect upon the next automatic renewal and charge.

Price indexation is a standard approach across many services, such as telecom and internet plans, where subscription costs are periodically adjusted with inflation. This ensures that our service continues to meet the high-quality standards and innovative features you expect from us.

We sent an email notification about these upcoming pricing changes in December 2023, with the subject line “Upcoming Adjustments to AIPRM Subscription Pricing – Effective January 8, 2024.”

Thanks for your understanding. If you have any more questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team via