Promps for creating services

I wanted to ask if there are any prompts which allow a persuasive tone to generate content for services on a website. I’m looking but I haven’t found anything…
Any recommendations


Not really. Not if you understand persuasion, and what people actually want from services pages. It’s the same basic principle as the one highlighted in this Twitter exchange:

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If anything, even the slightest detail, on your page made a reader suspect that an AI had generated the content, and that your commitment to providing hard work, expertise, and standing out from the competition didn’t even extend to putting in bare minimum effort on your website, well, that’s game over.

The content on the site is supposed to exemplify your values, your willingness (and ability) to go beyond the expectations and delight. You only have to write it once and it works for years. If you cut corners on that, nobody is going to trust that you won’t cut corners elsewhere.

Marketing services requires the things AI just cannot really do - creativity, empathy with the customer, having a lot of personal experience and being able to convey that…

What AI (and prompts for an AI) can do well though is tell you what the general patterns and structures are for persuasive sales pages. You can ask the AI what points should be included, what might convey expertise and experience, how you might demonstrate authoritativeness, what questions and objections people often have about those services, and so forth.

It can help you brainstorm how to write. But if you ask it to write copy, all LLM AIs really do is look up thousands of other examples of already written content and ‘spin’ a new version of the same old same old. Nothing that will stand out because the AI is built not to stand out, but to fit in with the average of everything else written by humans.