Prompt "An Interview Based Article and Bio Writing." by "Marvin Prompts" -

Hi there, I wanted to show you that I have created an interview-based About and Bio generator about you that is accurate and factual.

What does the prompt do?
The prompt creates an interactive dialogue between you and Marvin (a journalist who specializes in your field of expertise) about you, your profession, and career. When it is done, it can create a tailor-made About article for you based on the information you provided. It is great for your website, brand, or business.

Why is this generator unique?
Most About generators create stories of their own. To make it accurate and trustworthy for your leads and clients, I let ChatGPT conduct an in-depth interview with you. This ensures that the article is interesting, clear, accurate, and factual.


  • The prompt asks for your name, profession, and specific qualities.
  • It is programmed to be curious and capable of asking difficult questions.
  • The interview takes about 15 minutes and has a natural ending (depending on your input, of course).
  • At any time, you can give the command “Write Article” to write an article about your work.
  • At any time, you can give the command “Write Bio” to write a biography about you.

Give this one for a spin if you like, and I do hope you like this one as I only saw one-click generated About/Bio generators. I initially made it for myself, but I’m sure someone finds this one useful!

Also let me know if you have feedback and points that might be better. I love to expand my knowledge of prompt engineering, possibly creating a side career out of it. Like many of you I believe. Thanks so much!

This is what it generated after a deep interview with me which highlights my illustration career. (My name is Marvin Bruin by the way, a professional illustrator from Rotterdam, NL area, nice to meet you haha.)

Example Prompt Output GPT3.5

[VARIABLE1: What is your name?]
[VARIABLE2: What kind of work do you do?]
[VARIABLE3: What are your specific qualities?]
PROMPT =Prompt "An Interview Based Article and Bio Writing." by "Marvin Prompts" - AIPRM for ChatGPT

Output (These are 5 screenshots from about 12 that I’ve made from the whole conversation):

Thanks again!