Prompt categories for power uses and other nontechies

There are categories for prompts, e.g., copywriting, SAAS, software engineering. I recognize the words as English in many of these categories. However, I am entirely unclear as to the output one would expect in most. Normally, this would not matter because I know I am not a software engineer and never will be. However, maybe others are like me, an enthusiast who sees the possibility of making my own.

I don’t expect an explanation of each category. Rather, it would help if I knew how it mattered. Are the categories meant for humans or chatGPT? That is, does selection of a category install some set of preferences that clue chatGPT into the likely intent of the user? Or, is it just a way for engineers to find others who may have posted in that category about engineering? So far, I have prompted in several categories and I have not noticed a difference between writing my own out and the few prompts that exist.

Writing this I realized, "of course, it is the history of the prompt that matters. It is machine learning, afterall. There is not set of preferences that loads. That is old school. The title of a prompt is set by chatGPT so it must know. " Yes?

The next question is: the ratings are only on user like/dislike ratios? chatGPT or a third-party does not rate the prompt?

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Wow, welcome and thanks for the great questions!

These deserve all answers, and I think some is in that tiny Facebook group we had in the first weeks.

I will get back on these for asap.

First hint: Category is just for users, but you gave an exciting idea with the presets :wink:

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I feel like the title of the prompt matters, too. chatGPT is not wrong when it slaps a summary on the chat. However, in some cases, I would not know from the title that the original purpose was a nuance of the title. Category certainly helps with this. Also, for beginners, the title does not do justice to what I learned. That is, it is not just machine learning. It is also human learning, both as to the substance of the subject matter and the form of the prompt. Nothing to be done about that, I suppose. That is why I asked about rating. If the title was a little off from the final work product, then of course the rating will be lower than it deserves.